Me Prometheus: Caveman Love Story is a wacky prehistoric romp about the discovery of fire. At the dawn of an ice age, we meet the lovable GURG tribe, a disconcertingly carefree beachfront community. A frustrated, young, artistic dweeb (HERBERT) is at odds with society-at-large (THE GURG). He spurns the worldview of the tribe’s leader (NEEPAZ), and her daughter and zealot-in-waiting (CLARISSA), who hold fast to the status quo rather than adapting to systems of observation and rational thought.

Herbert is powerless to alter the fate of the Gurg until a prophetic vision from his grandfather (BUBDUB) leads him to discover one of the fundamental elements of human existence: fire. He then works furiously to cultivate and implement this new tool, persisting until he invents the match. Just when it seems fire has been integrated into the tribe’s way of life, ‘someone’ is careless and burns down Tribe’s Square. Herbert is thus tied to a rock and left to die, but is saved by an unexpected ally: Clarissa. Finding common ground in the utility of the new discovery, the two work together to save the tribe from the impending threat of… the glaciers. Their resultant synergy begets a heartfelt, absurd, totally off-the-wall adventure.

The development of the show began in 2010, and the 2017 production was the third live iteration. Earlier versions were in the college setting: first at Wesleyan in 2014 as Simon’s senior thesis, and again at William & Mary in 2015, as Emerson’s.

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