If you made a financial contribution, you’ll get your name printed in the playbill under one of the following donor levels, plus the perks as outlined below:

Australopithecus – $25-49

  • Exclusive access to the video recording of NYTF production
  • A Me Prometheus 100% Aluminum Bottle Opener

Homo Erectus – $50-99

  • A Me Prometheus Mug – perfect for hot beverages!
  • Includes all “Australopithecus” perks

Homo Sapiens – $100-249

  • The official Me Prometheus NYTF production T-Shirt
  • Includes all “Homo Erectus” perks

Neanderthal – $250-374

  • Two complimentary tickets to the show
  • A digital copy of the first demo we recorded together (c.2013-14)
  • Includes all “Homo sapiens” perks

Cro-Magnon – $375-499

  • +1 complimentary ticket to the show (three total)
  • A 1-2 minute original song on the topic of your request
  • A single prop from the show (we choose for you)
  • Includes all “Neanderthal” perks

Modern Human – $500-1499

  • +1 complimentary ticket to the show (four total)
  • Signed piano/vocal score
  • Includes all “Cro-magnon” perks

Friend of the Gurg – $1500+

  • We’ll talk.

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